Wood Floors

Since 1995, Barrows Wood Floors Inc. has empowered homeowners with the confidence that their vision of a wood flooring project can be achieved without the stereotypical contracting concerns and uncertainties.

What Makes Us Different

Not Just An Estimator

An owner who is involved in the work and is present at the project from the beginning to the end.

Dust Reduction & Control

High volume vacuums, commercial grade sanders with dust collection, and a controlled jobsite all contribute to a surprisingly clean and less intrusive activity. Considering that it was historically a worrisome project for the homeowner to endure.

See it Before You Commit

Whether it be a decision to retain the natural beauty of the particular wood species, or to explore a specific color for decorating considerations, we will not ask you to rely solely on cardboard color charts. Let's Get Started.

Before And After

Call Jim for installation!


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